Dec 5, 2021

10 Bad Habits That You Need to QUIT

Hey everyone, and welcome to Today, we are going to learn about 10 bad habits that you need to quit. Now, let’s begin. 

1. The Perfect Moment Are you waiting for a sign from the universe? Do you need a reason to get your life moving in the right direction? Too many people procrastinate their dreams, waiting for the perfect moment to pursue their lifelong aspirations. 

You wait, and you wait… but that perfect moment never comes. Because there will never be a perfect moment to start working on yourself. You’ll never receive a sign from the universe, telling you it’s time to begin a new chapter of your life. If you sit around waiting for that sign, searching for that perfect moment, your life will never change, and your dreams will never come true. 

That’s why the best time to embark on any journey isn’t someday in the future… but right now. In the present. Yes, you may feel intimidated or unprepared. You may not feel confident in your ability to succeed, but you’re going to feel the same way tomorrow and the next day. So, instead of wasting your time, waiting for the day, you feel prepared, summon the courage to get started today. You might fail. You might discover you don’t know what you’re doing, or you have a lot to learn. But even if your journey starts on a rocky path, you’ve overcome the greatest obstacle you’ll face. You’ve begun your journey, and once that happens… you’ve taken one large step closer to achieving your lifelong dreams. 

2. Constant Scrolling How often do you browse social media? Do you update your feed every five minutes? Are you reading and rereading the same posts 20 times? When you’re feeling unproductive or anxious, it’s easy to use social media as an outlet. You can always open your phone, scroll through a few dozen posts, and turn off your brain for a while. 

But this bad habit can very quickly take over your day, wasting hours of your time and stopping your productivity in its tracks. Constant scrolling can also stimulate feelings of anxiety, envy, and loneliness, which decrease your motivation and your self-esteem. So, put your phone away. Close the browsers on your computer. And take a break from social media. If you’re having trouble separating yourself from your devices, try using a website blocker, which limits your access to distracting platforms. Giving up social media may be a difficult transition at first, but once you cut down your scrolling, and step away from your devices, you can reclaim hours of your time every single day. 

3. Irregular Cycles Do you have trouble falling asleep on time? Not everyone operates on the same sleep schedule. Some people fall asleep at 9:30 every night. Others aren’t tired until well past midnight. Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, it’s important to keep your sleep schedule consistent from day today. Let’s say you normally go to sleep at 11:00. 

But tonight, you stay up until 4 in the morning. One late night may not seem like much, but a single irregular cycle can throw off your schedule for the rest of the week. Staying up until 4 AM means sleeping until noon. You miss breakfast. You feel tired, and you skip your morning routine—all of which can damage the productivity of your day. Even worse, one irregular sleep cycle disrupts the following cycles, pushing back your bedtime and interfering with your body’s circadian rhythm. In other words, one late night is never just one late night. Throwing off your sleep cycle can easily cascade into a much bigger problem, so be consistent, go to sleep on time, and let your stable schedule foster a more productive lifestyle. 

4. Oversized Ambitions Do you have trouble accomplishing your goals? Some people never accomplish their goals because their goals are too large or complicated to reasonably achieve. If this sounds familiar, it doesn’t matter how much willpower you have. You could be the most motivated person in the world, and you still wouldn’t achieve your dreams. Luckily, there is a solution. Replace your lofty, oversized ambitions with smaller, more concrete goals. I’m not telling you to lower your expectations. Instead, divide your dreams into smaller, digestible chunks. If you can focus on specific aspirations, you can make real progress toward your goals… and actually achieve them. 

5. Stressful Habits What do you do when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Whether you’re moving to a new city or just received a big project at work, something in your life is creating tension, anxiety, and frustration in your life. And those negative emotions drive you toward unhealthy habits, like snacking and overeating. But why do people eat when they’re stressed and anxious? Unhealthy foods are short-term de-stressors. 

A chocolate cupcake tastes great in the moment. It may feel like your stress is melting away, but that euphoria never lasts. Instead, you may suffer long-term consequences associated with poor eating habits. For example, stress eating can cause emotional distress, creating feelings of guilt or shame. It also cultivates bad habits, motivating a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. So, if you eat when you’re stressed, there are better ways to manage your negative emotions. Instead of burying your stress in sugary foods, try expressing your feelings in a private journal. You may discover that journaling decreases your stress and soothes your anxiety without impacting your physical health. 

6. Persistent Tardiness Are you late for everything? Many people struggle to keep appointments and meet deadlines. They’re always running 10 or 15 minutes late. They’re never finished when they’re supposed to be, and they’re constantly apologizing for their tardiness. Tardiness is a frustrating habit that annoys the people around you, but it impacts more than your relationships with other people. It also impacts your relationship with yourself. Think about it. 

You spend every day running 15 minutes behind. You never have enough time to finish your routines or make healthy meals. You feel frazzled and guilty each time you miss an appointment or a deadline. In other words, tardiness infuses stress and chaos into your life. When you’re racing against the clock, you may feel out-of-control, like your responsibilities are slipping through your fingers. You’re constantly rushing from place to place. You never have time to breathe or relax. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to change your schedule. It’s time to nip your tardiness in the bud. Start your day 15 minutes earlier. Simplify your schedule to give yourself a little breathing. Practice showing up 5 or 10 minutes early. Whatever technique you use, it’s important to change the pace of your schedule. That way, you can regain control of your lifestyle and find time to rest and relax. 

7. Unproductive Fixation Do you fixate on things you can’t change? Do you obsess over your weaknesses and flaws? Too many people worry about and criticize things they have no control over. For example, you may dislike the sound of your voice, even though your voice is a core characteristic of who you are. You can dislike your voice all day, every day; but no amount of criticism is going to change how you sound. So, don’t waste your time obsessing over things you cannot change. Instead, direct your attention toward the things you can. Think about aspects of your life you can change, like your career or your relationships. You may not be able to change the sound of your voice, but you can always affect the decisions you make and the life you live. 

8. Hitting Snooze Often, a stressful day begins with a stressful morning. Instead of waking up on time, you hit the snooze button once or twice, until suddenly you’re running late. You jump out of bed, rush through your routine, and hurry out the door, feeling tense and anxious. But what if you had woken when you were supposed to? What if you had resisted the urge to slap that snooze button? Your snooze button can be the difference between a crazy, stressful day and a calm, efficient routine. By giving yourself a few extra minutes in the morning, you can engage with new, healthy habits. You can stop to enjoy a nourishing meal or a moment of silence. In other words, reclaiming a few minutes of your time allows you to control your morning. Live the way you want to… instead of racing against the clock. 

9. Emotional Decisions Do you make impulsive or irrational decisions? Most people rely on their emotions to make big and small decisions. You get swept up at the moment, and you choose whatever option feels the most rewarding at the time. But a few hours later, you may wish you did things differently. To avoid making choices you regret, set aside a few moments to think through your options. If someone asks you for a favor, for example, spend at least 5 minutes asking yourself, “Is this the right decision for me?” “Do I really want to do this?” If the answer is no, don’t be afraid to turn someone down. You may feel guilty at the moment, but thoughtful and honest decisions can spare you from a lifetime of regret. 

10. The Deep End Do you have great expectations for your life? Are you ready to make your dreams a reality? Many people confidently throw themselves into their passions, determined to achieve their dreams; but they rarely ever find success. Instead, they experience failure. They lose hope, and they give up on their aspirations. Why? Because they’re diving into the deep end before they’ve learned how to swim. Every journey, personal or professional, requires humility and patience. 

As badly as you want to dive into the deep end, you need to spend time in the shallows, building up your confidence and mastering the basics. So, don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s exciting to imagine yourself accomplishing great things, but no dream is achieved overnight. If you stay humble and patient, you’ll get there… but it’s going to take time. Thank you for watching TopThink, and be sure to subscribe, because more incredible content is on the way.

Dec 1, 2021

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Touches You In These 10 Places

What's up bestie viewers prepare to get intimate for a moment no not that type of intimate most of us think that communication is all about words but at the end of the day body language can reveal a lot about a person and how they're feeling most women pay attention to what a guy means when he texts or what he says in his texts but what about touch in today's video we'll discuss the intentions of your boyfriend when he touches a certain area of your body what does touching the face mean what about holding hands what about touch on the leg we're talking about all this and more. 

Caressing The Face

Number one caressing the face when a man touches a certain region of your body reveals a lot about his intentions the look of a person is what initially attracts us to them not six-pack abs men have a strong need for attractiveness when a man touches a woman's face he is expressing his admiration for them so when he caresses her face and stares into her eyes it's a way for him to soak in all of her beauty and store it in his mind but sometimes a face touch is a sign that they want to take things a step further when someone brushes your cheek or touches your face they might want to be physically intimate with you if a guy's stroking your face it's safe to say you're already at ease with them we don't just let anyone put their hands on our faces do you like your guy caressing your face sound off in the comments section and start a conversation with our bestie community. 

Touching The Back

Number two touching the back of your back is divided into two sections upper and lower when a man touches the top of your back he's expressing his support for you however the lower back is a whole different story when a man touches your lower back it means he's interested in you because the lower back is such a sensitive area of the body you'll be more aware of their touch oh and remember to pay attention to how long they touch you it demonstrates their level of attraction if they touch your lower back for a longer time. 

Holding Hands

Number three holding hands are made to be held people because we use our hands for so many things reading them can be a little challenging a high fiver handshake shows positivity but it has no romantic connotation but what if it's accompanied by long eye contact well if that's the case it means something different it's one of the cutest couple behaviors to interpret holding hands demonstrates not only the couple's closeness but also the passion they feel for one another have I caught your interest.

Playing With Your Locks

Number four playing with your locks the thought of touching your hair as a whole is fascinating hair can reveal a lot about someone's personality when a man brushes your hair it indicates something different a soft caress on your hair can indicate that the guy likes your personality it also suggests that he appreciates your presence, unfortunately, this isn't a dead giveaway that he wants to spend a lifetime with you it does, however, show that he likes you as a person. 

Any Playful Contact

Number five any playful contact if you're thinking that a guy touching your back implies nothing you need to think again it's high time you stopped overthinking his texts and social media updates because all you need to know is which body part he touches and what it implies every touch a guy makes symbolizes something it doesn't mean he's ready to get down on one knee just yet it's a sign that he's attracted to you if he touches you in general especially when you're spending time together while we can't be sure exactly how much he likes you it's safe to assume that he finds you attractive only time will tell exactly what he'll do before we move ahead here's another article you might like a read and learn 17 interesting fun facts about left-handed people now back to our discussion determining your boyfriend's intent by his touch. 

A Gentle Stroke On The Leg

Number Six a gentle stroke on the leg now things are getting really intimate needless to say this is done with consent legs are a huge turn-on for most males so if you see a man putting his hands over your thighs or legs it's because he really likes you now ideally this is something that happens when the two of you are at a certain comfort level with one another he's just hoping you want to take things to the next level. 

Squeezing The Shoulder

Number seven squeezing the shoulder the meaning of certain touches vary depending on the situation touching someone's shoulder for example might show affection on the other hand a person may touch your shoulder out of a sense of urgency they're concerned for your well-being and would like you to know they're here for you this is usually something that friends do to each other when a stranger does this they're overstepping their boundaries we often find ourselves falling for a friend a person we've hung around who we're now crushing over any subtle sign that they may like you is something you get excited over sorry ladies but if he's placing his arm on your shoulder or just squeezing it it doesn't always scream that he loves you but hopefully you'll find comfort in knowing that he does care about you it's a similar situation when someone puts their arm around you something you almost always see on a first date this usually serves as a symbol of affection at the same time it's often something that friends do to each other it's like a sign of admiration for each other. 

Frequent Grazing

Number eight frequent grazing body language is everything folks even if he's not saying anything he's talking to you through his movements people often say how they feel through hand gestures grins head tilts and so on fortunately if your guy isn't particularly good at expressing himself there are a variety of clues to look out for if you're wondering what it means when a guy is frequently touching you here's the answer he's probably into you if he's trying to find a reason or way to touch you as often as possible it's a terrific sign of contact if he always touches your hand or can't stop hitting your foot underneath the table it shows he wants to be physically close to you every day he hugs you and finds an excuse to touch your face back or arms this is a step up from casually interacting with you and making small talk he actually likes you and is hoping you'll return it.

The length of the touch matters

Number nine the length of the touch matters the longer you touch the deeper the meaning people can touch in a non-sexual manner for no apparent reason they can touch you to get your attention or signal to you that they're coming through if you want to figure out what a man's thinking pay attention to how long he touches you if it's brief it may be something very minor if he touches you for a few seconds longer than usual it's a sign he may like you if you'd like to understand why exactly he's doing it the timing and placement of when and where he touches you might be beneficial if you notice he's doing it while the two of you are alone he's probably attracted to you while this is happening don't forget to read his body language look for other small subtle signs in his mannerisms how is he talking to you this will clue you into what he's thinking actually this leads me to our next important point.

Eye contact

Number 10 eye contact is huge if he's touching you make eye contact with him is he smiling while caressing you this will let you know whether or not he truly likes you communication is often done through the eyes if a person is passionate about you and wants to move things forward their eyes will say so when we're on first dates we often stress over whether or not a person likes us it often distracts us from actually enjoying our time if this guy touches you.

And immediately makes eye contact chances are he's into you dating is often really hard for certain people some of us can read signs better than others let's keep the conversation going with a couple more dating related videos shall we here's what you need to know check out how body language can reveal a lot about your relationship or how about 8 types of hugs and what they say about your relationship go ahead and click one or better yet read both and learn how the non-verbal cues can encourage you to take your relationship to the next level does your man use any of these touches to give you a hidden message let us know in the comments below.

Nov 28, 2021

How Does Apple Watch Knows You’re Standing & Detects Fall

In this article, we will try to understand how Apple Watch knows how to stand and detect a fall, how to detect a fall, and how well it works.

Gone are the days when watches were the means of seeing time as the revolutionary brand Apple has completely changed the way people view watches. Apple began the journey by launching the Apple Watch, which allows users to count calories and reply to messages as well as tell time. Needless to say, Apple Watch has turned watch models into medical devices.

Apple Watch 2018 has a tendency to perform ECG on the spot to detect falls and identify heart function and call emergency service.

This feature is helping patients all around. According to reports, one-third of people over the age of 65 suffer from falls which can be dangerous for them.

That's why Apple has incorporated this technology into the Apple Watch. The fall detection feature automatically turns on the clock for people over the age of 65 and also calls 911 instantly.

How does the Apple Watch know you're standing and falling?

But the question is, how does Apple determine the position of the wearer? Instead of calling the Apple Watch a "smartwatch" like a common man, we went deeper to find out the real details as a tech freak.

The watch uses a similar "floating detection method" to detect falling or standing.

The watch is integrated with an accelerometer aimed at detecting changes in motion, and the gyroscope helps detect axial rotations.

These two add-ons help to detect the stroke of the watch wearer. To ensure timely and accurate results, Apple collected data from unplanned and real-world interactions between the Earth and the human body.

Samples of this data were used to design algorithms to detect declines. In this fall's data collection, 2,500 people were selected from employees of Movement Disorder Clinics and Apple, who shaped the data for about 250,000 days.

The data collected was related to actual accidents such as falling while wearing pants or falling down a ladder or tripping one's feet while walking.

Apple pointed out the need for real-world data when they pointed out the difference between real fall and stuntman fall motion patterns.

In addition to collecting data for falls, they also collected data for a simple movement to differentiate between standing and falling.

This is because they did not want the clock to call 911 if the person was just playing football or jumping out of bed.

Now comes the Apple Watch's emergency calling feature. As the watch is integrated with an algorithm, gyroscope, and accelerometer to detect a fall, it immediately notifies the person if it anticipates a fall.

If the user does not respond to a fall alert within a minute, he or she will automatically call Emergency Support, 911.

However, it requires strong network coverage to make calls, so be sure to take your phone with you if you are not. Not using the cellular version of the Apple Watch.

Emergency calling

When someone falls down, the fall detection algorithm will beep the fall alert message. If the person is OK, he must click 'I am OK' within a minute. However, if the person fails to answer, the watch immediately calls 911 to ensure the person's strong support.

Turn on Fall Detection - How is it done?

For users 65 years of age or older, the Apple Watch 4 and 5 are turned on by default. However, for younger people, the following steps need to be taken to enable fall detection.

  • Open the Watch app on the connected iPhone.
  • In the lower-left corner, click "My Watch".
  • Click on "Emergency SOS"
  • Scroll down and turn on "Fall Detection".

Once you switch to fall detection, it will automatically call 911, but some people have other emergency calls to call. To add family or friends as emergency contacts, go to the "Apple Health" app and add emergency contacts to the profile section.

This feature is helping to save lives and what do you think of the states where we said that clocks are not a means of checking the time?

I hope I helped you to understand how Apple Watch knows you stand and fall.

Which Apple Watch Band is Best for Sensitive Skin?

The Apple Watch is arguably the most popular smartwatch in the world, and that's why the company offers a wide range of Apple Bands to its customers, which means you can easily find the band of your choice.

However, if your skin is sensitive, you can't use every band, and you have to be very specific with the choice of band, and I will help you make the right choice.

In this guide, you will find out which Apple Watch Band is best for sensitive skin. Let's begin.

See band sensitive skin

Why is my Apple Watch bothering my skin?

Sensitive skin is a very serious problem, and you need to make sure you use products that do not itch your skin. If your Apple Watch is itching your skin, it could be due to two issues.


Watch band

Sweating is a major cause of skin irritation. When you wear the band for hours, it makes you sweat, and when it dries, it makes sodium, and when it is mixed with moisture, it produces pimples. This problem is not limited to the Apple Watch and is common with other watch brands.


Rubbing with sensitive skin is another very common problem. When you wear the band too tight, and it slips on your skin, it results in friction, which eventually leads to irritation. This is very common with bands that are made of unnatural materials such as rubber. Therefore, the best way to avoid irritation on your skin is to use a band, which is breathable and made of natural materials.

Which Apple Watch Band Is Best For Sensitive Skin?

Fluorovastomer Apple Watch Bands

If you want the best band for your sensitive skin, make sure it is "hypoallergenic", which means the product is less likely to have an allergic reaction.

The problem is that there is no set standard for "Hypoallergenic" standards for watch bands, which means the company does not need any tests to substantiate its claims.

So, the best way to find the right band for your sensitive skin is to look at the reviews of other users with sensitive skin. Now, you don't have to read every single review there because I did it for you. I have done my research, and I have chosen the best Apple Watch Bands for sensitive skin.

Disclaimer: Human skin is very complex, and in some rare cases, it is possible that some of these hypoallergenic bands may cause allergies. If you are one of those rare cases, please see the part of the guide where I have suggested the solution for you.

1.  Local union active leather strap

Native Union Active Leather Strap is one of the best Apple Watch bands for potentially sensitive skin. The unique thing about this leather band is that it has genuine leather on the outside and on the inside, you get a fluoroelastomer.

However, this is not a common fluoroelastomer. Instead, it is a hypoallergenic fluoroelastomer, which means it protects your skin from allergies. On top of that, the leather is protected by a waterproof coating, which protects it from water, sweat, and stains. Also, since it is a leather band, you will find classic vibes.

2.  Carter Jet Sport Silicone Band

The Cartridge Sport Silicone Band is another high-end Apple Watch band that comes with hypoallergenic properties. The band comes with a silicone material, which is extremely soft, and it's hypoallergenic, which means it's less likely to cause any reactions on your screen.

As the band uses silicone, it is water-resistant and can be used for swimming and other sports activities. Also, the band has a very unique pattern, which gives it a very distant shape. If you are looking for a very durable Apple Watch Band for sensitive skin, then I recommend Carterjett Sport Silicone Band.

3.  Band liners for sensitive skin

During my research, I found an excellent solution that protects your skin from allergies and allows you to wear your favorite band without fear of allergies. This is basically a  band liner that you apply on the inside, and it protects your skin from itching and allergies caused by the band material.

It also protects the watch band from odors and fungus, which is a plus. In addition, there is a soft material on top of the band liners, which ensures that you feel comfortable wearing the band. So, if your skin is very sensitive, I would recommend you to try this product as it works well for many consumers.

General questions

Are you allergic to Apple Watch Band?

Yes, Apple Watch Bands come in a variety of materials, and your skin may be allergic to them. Therefore, it is best to consider the band's content when deciding to purchase.

What is the most comfortable Apple Watch band?

The whole idea of ​​a "comfortable Apple Watchband" is objective, and it varies from person to person. In my opinion, nylon bands are the most comfortable because they are extremely soft and breathable. In addition, you can consider the Nike Sport Band, which comes with the above perfumes, which also makes it a very comfortable option.

Which Apple Watch Band is Best for Sweating?

Ideally, you would like to get a band that comes with breathable material. In my opinion, nylon and sports bands are great for sweat because they both handle sweat well. Nylon bands are not completely waterproof, but they dry quickly.  


that's all folks. In this guide, I have shared different types of bands that you can use for your sensitive skin. I also sketched out my top choices, which I made after extensive research. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. Also, if you want to know the weight and thickness of the Apple Watch, you can check out my guide where I have compared the weight and thickness of all versions of the Apple Watch.

Top 10 Best Free Wear OS Watch faces of 2021

With the release of the brand new watch e3 and the upcoming galaxy watch for supposedly shipping out on google's wear os I thought it'd be a good time to check out what watch faces google wear os has to offer so today, I'm going to be going over my top 10 picks for the best free wear os watch faces of 2021 stay tuned what's up guys welcome back to top 10  free wear os watch faces for you today before we jump into that though take a look at our brand new channel Weezy's top 5 that would be awesome anyway without further ado let's see what wear os has got in store for us to kick things off in ours.

1-The Advanced Watch Face

You can find this one by typing the name in on the play store or checking out the links down in the description it has plenty of useful information such as weather date time battery life and a few other bits it also has some handy shortcuts around the size to your flashlight and stopwatch it is also a customizable watch face some of these features are locked to the paid premium version though but with the free one here you do get to choose from over 50 different color options by clicking the settings icon at the bottom of the watch face menu lastly also have an always-on display option making the advanced watch face an excellent choice really great value selection in my opinion and the watch face just looks awesome especially on the watch e3 definitely want to check out on a really great watch face to kick off the episode moving on to. 

2- Marine Commander

Watch face another one with some customization options there is a paid version that you can upgrade to but you can still change some bits around on the free version aside from that it has a smart always-on display mode plenty of information including date weather steps and of course, time in both digital and analog format a really smartwatch face in my opinion and one that I've personally been using a lot recently. 

3- Fury Watch Face

Fury Watch Faces the fury watch face another digital and analog hybrid watch face with yet more customization options and dare I say it the free watch faces over on wear os are actually shown to be a better deal than the free watch faces on the galaxy ecosystem perhaps the galaxy watch 4 moves to wear os might not be such a bad idea after all anyway the fury watch face offers some great information such as weather temperature and battery life and I'm also thoroughly enjoying the subtle details and the nice shadowing on the edge of the dials it gives the watch a nice bit of realism and depth an awesome watch face for wear os users go and check this one out. 

4- Evander Watch Face

I particularly like the always-on display on this one it has a retro digital display which is really easy to read at a glance as for the watch face itself it's another hybrid digital-analog watch face with a few different color options it has a lot of subtle details and displays things like your weather temperature steps and the battery life might not be for everyone but I think the information it displays is really useful and I do quite like the default yellow on the black look you can check this one out down below next up in at. 

5 - Pixel Minimal Watch Face

Pixel Minimal Watch Face is the pixel minimal  watch face a favorite amongst wear os device owners and now I can see why it's simple yet looks  great and since there's a lot of negative space it should help save on your battery life a little  bit you also have a few customization options including changing the size as well as adding a  second ring around the edge like i've done to mine it may not have all the information that  the other watch faces in this episode have but if you like a minimal clean look to your  watch face this is a great pick it also has a pretty cool always on display option to make up  for it a must-have for wear os users our sixth free wear os watch face is the novus watch phase  yet again another digital hybrid with color options and a great always on display this one has  lots of sharp details and offers information such as temperature battery life weather and date it's  a really good looking watch face with some really nice textures and realistic features it is worth  pointing out that this watch face is made by the same person who's made a couple of the other watch  faces in this episode so definitely someone to look out for on the app store. 

6- Novus Watch face

Novus Watch face is the black metal watch face a bit of a different one for you compared to the other watch faces featured on the episode so far I personally think it looks really smart I like again how it has both digital and analog displays only thing I wish for on this one is that it had a steps counter or something a little more than just date and time there's definitely room for it on this watch face with this one though there is also a premium version so you can grab that one if you want to customize some more features all in all though it's a really smart functional watch face and again another one to check out and add to your collection it is free after all in at.

7- Black Metal Watch Face

Black Metal Watch Face is more of an idea for you as opposed to a watch face so what you can do on the watch e3 at least is choose a  custom background and it'll actually put the date and time over the top for you this is a great way to really personalize and make a unique watch face for your smartwatch if you want to copy the one I've got here you can head over to our discord server head over to the wallpapers channel and download from a selection of wallpapers on there also worth mentioning someone has actually dropped a link in the discord server for several hundred free watches faces so if you're interested in that feel free to join but yeah just an idea for you I myself find it a really nice way to make your watch look unique and stand out from the crowd there will, of course.

9- Core Face HD

Core Face HD is a super simple minimalistic watch face and that is the core face HD like a lot of the other watch faces there is a premium version where you can change the colors and some other bits although I do think the free version is quite stylish not much more to say about this watch face though as it is lacking information such as steps and battery life what it would be good for though is when you're running or doing other sports as it's really easy to read at a glance a great watch face and you might as well test it out as.

10- TicWatch Marble Watch Face

TicWatch Marble Watch Face is the tic watch marble watch face now this may be exclusive to tic watch owners but I had to include it as it really is a super smart and elegant watch face you can even switch to a secondary option which makes it a little bit more abstract it's very clean and minimal and definitely one of my favorites at the moment if you do own a tic watch I definitely recommend checking this one out it should be pre-installed on your watch but if you can't find it do check it out on the tick watch app so those are my top  10 free watch faces for google wear os devices.

Nov 27, 2021

Best 5 Apple Watch Bands for Nurses and Medical Workers

Best 5 Apple Watch Bands for Nurses and Medical Workers

Whether it's CoVID-19 or any other health emergency, nurses and medical workers are the ones who act as the front line and save us from health challenges.

If you are one of these superheroes and also the owner of the Apple Watch then this guide is for you. In this guide, I will share the best Apple Watch band for nurses and medical professionals. Let's begin.

Best 5 Apple Watch Bands for Nurses and Medical Workers

5 Best Apple Watch Bands for Nurses and Medical Workers

1. MITERV Silicone Band (Editor’s Choice)

Let's start with the MITERV Silicone Band, the best Apple Watch band for nurses and medical professionals. As a medical professional, you will be dealing with a lot of sensitive things, and you will need to make sure that your hands and the things around them are sterile. The reason silicone bands are best for you is that you can sanitize them with healthcare-grade wipes, and because of their nature they will not be affected. It's also waterproof and sweatproof, which means you can wash it off with water, and you won't have to take it off every time you wash your hands. In addition, the band is very comfortable, and you can wear it for a long time without any discomfort. However, if you wear it in extremely hot climates, the band may suffer. If you work in hot climates, you may want to consider a nylon band, which is breathable and very comfortable.

2. WFEAGL Leather Band

The WFEAGL leather band is one of the best Apple Watch bands for nurses and medical professionals. Leather bands are known for their durability and comfort. You can wear them for hours, and it won't hurt.

Another great thing about leather bands is that they are naturally hypoallergenic, which means you can wear a leather band if you have any allergies, and more likely Will not trigger allergies.

Also, the great thing about the leather band is that it gives the watch a very nice shape. So, if you want your Apple Watch to look great, then the WFEAGL leather band is a solid option for you.

3. GZ GZHISY Sport Band

Depending on the nature of the job as a medical worker, you may have to wear a PPE (personal protective equipment) suit for a longer period of time, which means you will not be able to remove the watch from the suit.

In this scenario, you need a brand that is very comfortable and does not bother you for hours.

My favorite is the GZ GZHISY Sport Band, a nylon Sport Band, and the best part about this band is that it is extremely comfortable. You can wear it for hours, and it won't hurt. Nylon Sport Band is a great option even in hot weather as it is breathable, and the sweat dries quickly.

4. JWACCT Milanese Band

JWACCT Milanese Band is another great Apple Watch band for nurses and medical professionals. I added it to the list because it's made of stainless steel, which means you can clean it using healthcare-grade wipes, and it won't hurt.

Also, this band is extremely breathable, which means you can wear it for hours and it won't hurt. The band also comes with a magnetic clip design, which allows you to adjust it anywhere on the band. So, if your wrist is small or big, you can easily fit it on your wrist.

5. Solo Loop

Solo Loop is the latest band design, introduced by Apple with the Apple Watch Series 6. The great thing about this band is that it is made of 100% recyclable material, which means that if you buy this product, you will participate in it. The reason for cleaning the earth.

The band uses a combination of yarn and silicone threads, resulting in a very comfortable band that you can wear for hours. If you are interested in getting a solo loop, make sure you choose the right size because each band comes with a different size, and you have to choose the size of the band by measuring your wrist.

Once you find your wrist circumference, compare it to the size table on the product page and choose the right size.

What is the most comfortable Apple Watch band?

If you are looking for the most comfortable Apple Watch Band, then you should consider Nylon Band as it is very comfortable. However, I think silicone bands are best for doctors because they are comfortable, and you can disinfect them from time to time.

Are Third-Party Apple Watch Bands Safe?
Official Apple Store bands are quite expensive, but not so with third-party bands. Third-party Apple Watch bands are very cheap, and they are completely safe to use.

Can Apple Watch Cause Headaches?
Smartwatch wireless charging
Some people claim that Apple Watch causes headaches, but there is no hard evidence to substantiate this claim. I have discussed this topic in detail and also cited scientific sources which will help you to understand this problem. If you want to know if wearing an Apple Watch causes cancer, I would recommend you to check out this guide.

that's all folks. In this guide, I shared the best Apple Watch band for nurses and medical professionals. I've also provided answers to frequently asked questions, which will help you make a purchasing decision. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments. See also WearToTrack for more useful guides.